About me

Hi! I’m Swiss! Passionate about fountain pens since 2009, I decided after graduating university (majoring in Arts, in Lausanne) back in 2016 to dedicate all my time for these curious cigar shaped objects, and to make a living out of it. Mastering four langages helps me on a daily basis to reach out for customers, worldwide. But before finishing my Master in russian and History of Art, I also worked part time in a well known auction house in Geneva, as well as for a major publishing house with a focus on slavic literature. Thanks to those totally different but complementary experiences, I could then move on to what I really wanted to do: go from antique fairs to pen shows, acquiring enough pens and gathering experience in the domain, to become a specialist within this niche market. May 2018 felt like the perfect timing fo opening a boutique, in Switzerland.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I am a watch geek, and have been into collecting and trading vintage watches for the past ten years. Under the same roof you will find indeed two ventures, the other being Atelier Horloger, a partnership I made with a successful and trusted watchmaker with over 20 years experience. Amongst pens & watches both vintage or new, the team also deal with all kinds of repairs. They are certified Level 3 by the major watch groups, s.a. Richemont / Swatch Group / LVMH as well as for independent brands. The certification gives us access to all original furnitures, and allow us to provide the exact same quality of service, but with a turnover of 2 weeks instead of many months. Our focus at the boutique is to teach about the beauty of vintage watches, and also provide middle to top range new products, with a good twist. You will not find the usual classics, but carefully selected brands that match with the boutique spirit. It can be a vintage Rolex GMT or an Omega 321, but also under the radar brands with still great calibers and classic look.

Deceptions & trust

At the beginning of my journey, I cannot count how many times I was not entirely satisfied with my pen purchases. Because I had low budget, I went for cheap pens, and with that most of the time I had cheap service. This felt so unfair! But this was a risk I was ready to take, and a good learning curve. Thanks to that, I could practice repairs with low financial risks, and get my hands more and more inked. Because there should be no correlation between budget and service, I decided to act instead of complaining, at my level.

Thus this website!

Trust is one of my core business value. People coming at my boutique and e-shop know exactly what they get: a broad choice on vintage and modern, good looking and working pens with 1 year warranty, a good smile, a cup of coffee, lots of advice and real pen experience, be it for repairs or writing. This tailored service, they know they will probably not find it elsewhere around in Switzerland. I really value my customer’s trust, because without them, I would not be doing what I am doing.

On this platform, I strive to provide good HD pictures, writing samples and videos on request, as well as full depiction of the pens: it has to be fair and easy for you, and if it is, I know you will be coming back soon.

But my activity goes so well beyond buying, selling and restoring. It is a long-term vision where writing practice goes back at the core of people’s concerns. And I know that our digital age will never being able to wipe out 15’000 years of writing/ drawing practice.

Thank you for having taken the time to getting to know me a bit! Now how about you have a walk around and enjoy the rest of the website?!  🙂

Want to see more? Here is a link where you will see me the day before one exhibit I had organized at Alain Vanderauwera’s architecture cabinet.

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