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Beginning of the year, because of family matters, I moved to another canton. From march 1st 2019 I am no longer commuting every day to the boutique in Colombier because of the long distance to be covered. Professionally,  2019 shall then be transitory again. The project of having a boutique is still there, but it has to be somewhere else, closer. I am figuring this out. I still accept appointments to Colombier, or elsewhere in Switzerland of course. Do drop me an email for that.  

Also, note that my e-shop will be definitely down.  For sales find me on Ebay under “123stylo”, or on social medias “Empire de l’Ecriture” on Facebook, “123stylo__ “on Instagram. It’s more dynamic, I get a more personal exchange with clients, and better sales results.

2019-2020 means also less presence on pen shows for me. I want to push the online sales to the max. I will still go to pen shows, but will do much less (like 4 per year max, the most famous ones).

This website will over the year change to provide a nice layout with enough informations about what I do. I will eventually convert the e-shop to a blog, where I shall present rare pens occasionally, those will be for sale.

Don’t get me wrong, passion is still there, more than ever! I do more and more repairs for private collectors, as well as stationery shops here in Switzerland. I just have less time to entertain, and need to focus on keeping this activity viable on long term. 

Empire de l’Ecriture boutique is located at 3, Rue Haute / 2013 Colombier (NE) / Switzerland

Close to the lake, many will agree that this typical swiss village is fun to visit, be it for its cool boutiques, its vegetal surroundings or its XII century castle.

How to go there? It is 6km far from Neuchâtel with a car, 15 to 20 minutes with public transport (take the tram #215 at Place de Pury, stop at Colombier, then walk towards the castle).

For any question or additional information, please send me a message to :

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