Custom service

Enjoy a personalized service! Here’s a list of what can be done:

  • All kinds of repairs on filling systems, both modern and vintage, with a 1y warranty
  • All kind of repairs on bodies & material flaws: soldering cracks, filling engravings (plastic/metal), etc
  • Nib work: tuning, getting your bent nib straight again, soldering cracks, custom grinding /retipping (crisp italic, UEF, stub, etc)
  • Professional hand engraving on metal overlays, be it intricate lettering for your name, or a design you fancy.
  • Professional polishing and plating for metal parts: working with horology industry standards
  • (soon) Personalized service on Pelikan 100/100N: whether you want to step up your game on your Pelikan 100/100N you already own, or want to purchase one, I can offer personalized look by removing original binde, and have one made in any acrylic or metal, w/wo engravings. Don’t be shy, ask for pictures!
  • Lefties aren’t left alone! Enjoy specific products to make your life easier (ink that dries fast, left feet nibs, etc)
  • For appointments at the boutique/pen show, please book the day/time through the calendar below
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