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I offer you a 5 star service:
I guarantee you that what you buy is original, in revised condition and in perfect working order.
I believe offering a good follow-up is important: be it answering emails within 24h or a good shipping, where all efforts are made in order to avoid any damage to happen.
I make everything to be as transparent as possible with you.
For the hardcore collector, I may have in stock super rare models you can no longer find, nicely illustrated.
You will always be welcome to the boutique in Colombier, be it for a small chat, a repair, or a good cup of coffee. This business means much more than buying/selling/repairing to me, it’s a passion, and a long term vision where writing would go back to people’s habits.
My aim is your satisfaction, over a long run. Because I care!
The pens are presented as they are, without make-up. I tend not to polish vintage pens: I assume those items live their life and I respect them for having been kept and used through decades. It is not up to me to decide about how they should look, and my point of view is that there is beauty in every scar and small flaw. On request, though, I may accept some light hand buffing, for a plating loss on a clip ball for example, or removing some light surface scratches.
Don’t get me wrong! I do thrive to sell pens that are in perfect working order though! For vintage fountain pens, cracks, defects and small to big flaws may happen over time, and I will restore them at best, with the most adequate ways be it welding/fusing celluloid, or expanding a thread so the cap screws correctly again . Professionals nib meisters are partners I work with, so please get in touch with me if you have a specific desire, or if you need to repair your grandpa’s pens. With skills and passion, almost anything can be done! Note that I have been repairing pens for the pas 10 years, and I do not consider it as a sunday’s activity in my garage. I work with professional tools from the horology and dentistry industry.
Yes, I have few conditions though:
-There is a minimum amount to reach: 5 items min. for a minimum value (drop me an email to learn more about it).
-Once we have agreed on the terms, the items are stored for 1 year.
-The sale of your fountain pens are exclusive to me, you cannot decide to sell them somewhere else and ask to have it back before the end of the ongoing year.
-I take a 30% percentage commission on the final sale.
  • My service includes:
  • condition report
  • cleaning /restoring if necessary
  • photo shooting
  • marketing over social networks
  • marketing via mailing lists
  • exhibitions
  • dispatching
  • insurance costs
Please drop me a line or give me a call to discuss the matter. I shall be flexible when it comes to very interesting pieces or entire great collections, etc.
Of course! Sometimes its a bit scary to trust the bay, as you don’t know what you can expect.
The good news is that I have lots of pens in my drawers, so I might probably already have something to propose you. If this is not the case, I will happily hunt down the model you want. Pen friends are plentiful, and either I or them would be glad to help you in such quests, be it your birth year, your auntie’s pen that is now lost, the last one that is missing to complete your collection. Please write to me specifying the exact model (with pictures if possible) and the amount you will be ready to give in exchange for this service.
PayPal, Alipay, international bank transfer or cash on pickup. Through Paypal you can pay with a credit card, even without having an account on this website. 
Most of the time pens are in mint to very good condition, and have been verified and certified as in full working order unless specified. Except for damages that rarely occur during dispatch, and misuse, I offer a one year warranty from my side regarding filling system. That said, many pens companies will also vouch for their products, if anything bad happens I believe there will always be a solution. Vintage pens are mostly in very good to user grade condition, and also have been fully revised before being put on the website. If anything happens, just let me know asap and we shall discuss the matter.
Additionally to that, I offer you the possibility to think over a week, without needing to justify your decision. You can ask for a full refund during 7 days, from the moment you receive the item, providing the fountain pen is in the exact same condition when I receive it back, as when it had been shipped. If you decide to part from your newly acquired pen, it will have to be sent back to the following address by insured courrier at your expense. Brand new pens sold as such, but inked by you will see their value reduced by 25%.
Empire de l’Ecriture / 3, Rue Haute / 2013 Colombier / Switzerland
Most of all modern fountain pens here are second hand, guaranteed to be authentic (or money back!), and half of the time come full set (box & all documents). They all without exception have been verified and tested. Additional HD pictures and videos can be made on request to show you each item. If you don’t trust the description, you still can trust what you see, since pictures are always about the items, not generic. Also, I give you the possibility to think over  7 days, and to send the pen back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
Shipping from Switzerland and France available. Please specify during order on the comment section. Please also learn about your country regulations regarding importations, parcels may be subjected to taxes at country of destination. No VAT refund possible at the moment.
I propose flat rates ($USD):
                          • Switzerland & France: 14$USD
                          • Europe: 18$USD
                          • World: 25$USD
I work with local partners (La Poste) and global ones (FedEx, DHL, DPD), depending on what and where to ship. These costs cover handling, dispatching, insurance (upon 1000CHF). All made with insured courier, and deliveries are under buyer’s signature. Once the payment is received, the items are shipped within 5 open days. 
All pens will be sent with their original boxes. If the pen has no box, it will be shipped inside an unbreakable PVC pipe, or something similarly strong enough to protect the item.
Certain parts of the globe are not included in my list.  If you live in Russia, Ukraine, Africa, please drop me a message to find a solution.
French, English, German, Russian on a daily business day. Chinese and Spanish also now available with emails.


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